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About Us


In 2020, we wanted to HELP OUT PETS being given away during COVID.  Since we could not just take in all the pets, we started a business to help them (with help from our parents, of course).  Our Vision - EVERY PET LOVED!  

What started as a way to give back to pet charities, has allowed us to donate over $2,500 in cash and leash donations, and has helped us learn about owning a business.  The remaining profits are partly reinvested in the business, and the rest are ours to save for our future.

We are a registered LLC, collect and pay sales tax, income tax, and are insured! We hope this may be a long term business, and we can make a living from this when we grow up! 

Thank you for giving us an opportunity to provide you with a great quality leash! One that has a greater purpose - Helping Pet Charities!


Nico Sanchez                        &  Marc Sanchez