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Boys with their dog, and a great dog leash

About us


Our Mission

To unleash our potential as young entrepreneurs, provide a quality product, and give back to the pet community.

Brothers Unleashed is proud to support the ASPCA® and its mission to save lives. To learn more, visit: aspca.org.

Our Vision

Every pet loved!

All animals deserve a loving home.

Our products

Leashes available in single and tangle-free double. Multiple color and length options available.

Keep an eye out for our catalog coming soon. And our growing product offering.

What are you waiting for?

When you shop Brothers Unleashed, you are helping the pet community

Our leashes come with a Lifetime replacement guarantee! Even if your furry friend chews on it!

Check out our products!

We have partnered with a US yacht rope manufacturer.  These ropes are made to deal with sun, rough surfaces, dirt, and water! 

With 5 colors available currently, we will continue to add products to our offering! 

We gladly welcome your feedback!

Dog Lovers Testimonial

My patriiotic pup leash arrived incredibly fast and not only is it of the highet quality, but very beautiful!

I highly recommend it and I love the fact that I am helping other pets with my purchase.

Well done guys!!!

Ana Michelena, Davie, FL

I want to thank the guys at Brothers Unleashed for this great 6ft patriotic themed leash!

It arrived very quickly and is great quality! Looks great and can handle a 70lb pitbull no problem!

Kyle Rosburg, Hot Springs, AR

Our dogs absolutely LOVE their leashes. We can walk 2 dogs with one amazing non-tangle leash!

Thanks Brothers Unleashed!!!

Sharah Dishaw, Wisconsin

We like that this leash is much lighter than our previous leash.

I love the patriotic rope colors!

Julie Keck, Hot Springs, AR

Apollo - Pitbull in his patriotic leash!